Hug Messenger

One-button messaging system prototyped for a pediatric facility for children with complex medical needs. System allows children to activate custom switch in stuffed animal, toy, etc. and then plays voice messages left by parents through a phone application.

A stuffed animal monkey sits between a mailbox and toy phone


Telepresence robot designed to accommodate the play-styles and abilities of children in a pediatric facility for children with complex medical needs. Streaming audio and video provides digital presence for the children and Wifi connected micro-controllers embedded in toys provide methods of remote play.

A black wheel sits affixed to white plastic

TECHnically Speaking

iPad application designed in collaboration with designers and therapists in an intensive care unit of a local hospital. Through switch access, the application provides simple communication interface and connected devices offer control over the physical environment of the hospital room for the patient.

An iPad is held by a hand showing an icon saying I need bathroom

SwitchBox Radio

Develops fine motor skills through the actuation of various switches found in everyday life. When a switch is activated, it plays music from various genres, providing both therapy and ability to display musical preferences.

A woodend structure with bent sides holds a door knob, light switch, door bell, and pincer box

Pipe Organ 5000

CNC controlled pipe organ that creates a collaborative musical experience between machine and human. Player blows into instrument to play various notes located in the CNC bed.

A nozzle is placed into the face of a PVC pipe